Your shop drawing submission for joinery and doors on dated xxx

Your shop drawing submission for joinery and doors on dated xxx


Ref no:CC/HC/003

To             :M/s xxx Center

Kind attn.

Project     : 2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Barsha,  Dubai

Subject     : Your shop drawing submission for joinery and doors on dated 16.03.17

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above, regarding your transmittal form and submittal ref dated 15.03.17, kindly find our review report:

  1. We must require covering letter from the home center with the reference no.of the transmittal and brief statement about the document on home center letter head.
  • As per the verbal intimation by the client that, we will write and receive the communication from Mr.Daniel (authorized authority from home center) only and in your document submitted, the cover letter attached by M/s sgf address to Chirag contracting. Please note that we will not accept any communication from  M/s sgf as we don’t have direct formal link with M/s sgf.

So, kindly honour the privity of the contract.

  • All the drawings and document to be stamped and signed by the home center at each and every page.
  • Drawings were reviewed by our Interior Subcontractor and find their comments.

a) Back up ply of the mirror is not the part of chirag contractor’s scope. It should be fixed by Home center which is shown in your fixing detail .

b) Sliding door fixing details are different (In ID drawings and Home center drawings)

b) We need sliding door to be fixed in mock up room ,   interconnecting door is not showing architrave also, required full details.

       4)  In the drawing no.Guest room TV panel , you have mentioned “as warm LED light by others” and please note that, this is not Main contractor’s scope. Kindly contact to M/s Citymax and assign the responsibility after discussion with them.

  • We are attaching the template, please submit the drawing as per the template attached.
  • Each and every page should have the drawing ref number.

            So, kindly resubmit the drawings and provide sliding door at mock up room and incorporate other missing things at exact location of the points.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C


Project Manager

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