REVISED LPO Terms and Conditions

REVISED LPO Terms and Conditions


Ref. No. CC/2017/11.06.2017


xxx FZCO

Dubai, UAE

Project               : 2B+G+14 Lower Roof Hotels Building

Plot No.              : 373-1297

Location            : Al Barsha, Dubai

Subject               : REVISED LPO Terms and Conditions

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned project/subject with ref. no. AP/269//301 dated 28.05.2017, the following Terms and Conditions to be consider as part of the LPO.

The client nominated and specialized qualified Sub-contractor considering that the work will be performed as per Civil Defense requirement in all respect and taken care any criteria mentioning in the drawing to be highlighted as a specialized Sub-contractor.

  1. The door as per the Civil Defense requirement & Nomination Documents.
  2. The Sub-contractors shall verify if openings are as per the IFC schedule and drawing in order to prepare Shop Drawings.
  3. The door opening as per drawing and approval.
  4. All the accessories and marking like lock, handle, push bar or vision panel as per Civil Defense requirement.
  5. All certificate related by Fire Rating for the door, hinges and handle as well as relevant component to be as provided by the DCD without any condition.
  6. The door height will be according to floor level established by the main contractor at site.
  7. Warranty will be from the date of the handing over by the Sub-contractor.
  8. The Civil Defense inspection requirement to be fulfilled prior to the inspection and it will not be consider Final Handing Over (date of the handing over will be from TOC Contractor.)
  9. The drawing and submittals to be completed within 15 days upon signing of the LPO.
  10. The schedule of Work and delivery and fixing as per Main Contractor work schedule.
  11. All government rules and regulation required for construction site to be followed according as per UAE Law.
  12. Payment as per Contract Agreement.

We are attaching the reference of the doors prior to sign the LPO to cross check with the scope agreed between NAFFCO and the Client. If there is any discrepancy on the highlighted before signing the LPO.

This is for your confirmation and acceptance.

Best and regards,

                                                                                                         Accepted by:

For: xxx Contracting LLC                                 xxx Electromechanical Co. LLC

Mr. xxx                                                   Authorized Signature General Manager

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