Planning Engineering interview questions and answers

Planning Engineering interview questions and answers

Question-1: What is a Base Project Schedule?

Answer: A baseline is an approved program by both parties which is used as a benchmark to measure the progress of a project.

Question-2: What is the Main Driver of a Project and how you will get it?

Answer: The main driver consists of the significant activities that are driving the project at the critical path. To get it just go to the last activity and check its driving activity, then go to that driving activity and mark its driving also, same goes until you reach the first activity. This is typically done through scheduling software like Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, etc.

Question-3: How many baselines are allowed in any project and which baseline decides the success or failure of the project?

Answer: A project must have a minimum of one project baseline & that number can go to unlimited. But if you find a number of baselines that means the planning team is quite inefficient – Avoid it! The latest baseline defines the success or failure of any project.

Question-4: What are the Key Performance Indicators KPIs?

Answer: A KPI is a type of performance measurement on a particular activity where engaged. KPI’s are defined by keeping a factor “What matters the most”. A careful study and analysis are required to define because it differs from organization to organization like a critical KPI for you may not be of any interest of other same type organization. It is really a diverse area. Examples Rubber lining, Concrete Work, Machine Failures in a Specific Duration, Plantation, Number of hiring/firings, Training, etc.

Question-5: What do you normally need to develop a plan?

Answer: I need the Contract documents to understand the scope, the schedule drawings to know about areas, Bill of Quantity-BOQ including cost, scheduling software access. Yes, I need to meet my project team to know about a little productivity rate if I don’t know in case of any specific activity.

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