Manpower Requirement

Manpower Requirement

Date: 20.02.2017

Kind Attn:       Mr. xxx| Mr. xxx| Mr. xxx

Project:         2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotel Building

Plot No.:        373-1297 at Barsha, Dubai

Subject:       Manpower Requirement

Dear Sir,

Good Day!

Pertaining to the subject, we have the following concerns regarding Manpower allocation at Site:

  1. From 01 Feb,2017 to 09 Feb, 2017 our Manpower was 21 Carpenter+14 Masons+11 Helpers
  2. From 09 Feb,2017 to 19 Feb, 2017, our Manpower was 16 Carpenter+12 masons + 10 Helpers
  3. From Today, 20 Feb,2017, our Manpower is 12 Carpenter + 10 Masons + 10 Helpers.

As you can see, our manpower is decreasing everyday although our work activities are increasing :

Housekeeping, Blockwork, Internal Plastering for walls and ceiling, external plaster, ceramic work etc.

With this manpower we cannot reach 30% of our target.

This is for your intimation and necessary action.

Thanks and Regards,


Project Manager

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