Date: xxx

Ref no: CC/HC/015

To: M/S xxx GROUP,

P.O.BOX: 47395, Sharjah, UAE


Project: Proposed 2B+G+M+13Floor Hotel Building

  1. The BOQ which is prepared by the DESTEC be considered a provisional quantity only with the unit rate. Whatever the variation in the quantity as per approved drawings to be used for final invoice and the quantity as per approval +/-
  2. The door fire rating to be as per the Dubai Civil Defense regulation and must be approved by the consultant for every door as current rules and regulation.
  3. The shop drawing to be prepared for each and every door in all respect prior to fabrication and to be approved by the consultant.
  4. The finishes are to be as per ID approved and mock up sample to be approved.
  5. The vision panel and push bar door to be as per Dubai Civil Defense requirement and the shop drawing to be approved. ( If any )
  6. The subcontractor should be including the special iron monger foe specific area and push plate with engraved push signage as per approval by the consultant. (If Applicable )
  7. Whatever it is required as per Dubai Civil Defense the subcontractor should be consider the door closure that must be approved by the consultant.
  8. The subcontractor should protect the door frame soon after fixing with suitable material.
  9. The number od hinges to be as per the door weight but should not less than four.
  10. Vision panels subject to requirement of the client.
  11. The safety chain with knob subject to client requirement.
  12. Guarantee / Warranty and workmanship to be considered 24months from date of taking over certificate.
  13. Payment terms as agreed with the client and by the client.
  14. The contactor schedule and the sequence of the work to be followed with main contractor.
  15. The site organization chart to be submitted along with the communication protocol to the main contractor.
  16. The subcontractor authorized person should attend the site meeting.
  17. No variations or changes allowed without formal intimation and must be approved by the consultant and the client.
  18. Schedule of the work to be followed by the main contractor. Guarantee/ Warranty is two years in accordance with the contract agreement.
  19. Project organization chart to be provided.
  20. Fit out works finishing schedule will be decided by the employer.
  21. Nomination letter number XXXXXXXX  we can consider the unit rate and quantity as per the site and drawing and drawing and final invoice as per the quantity delivered and fixed.
  22. All the accessories and hinges as per the ID code and client requirement.
  23. Meeting to be attended by the competent person.
  24. DLP will be started from date of TOC to main contractor.
  25. No site office to be provided by main contractor. Offloading at storage by site contractor.
  26.  This document to be considered  part of the LPO no:


For xxx Contracting LLC


Project Manager

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