delivery of Tiles and cheque copy.


Ref: xxx

Date: xxx



Dubai, UAE

Kind Attn         : xxx

Project             : Plot No. xxx, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE.

Contarctor       : xxx Contracting LLC

Client               : xxx

Subject            : HANDING OVER OF DOCUMENTS

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above we are submitting the following documents, kindly acknowledge and received.

  1. The complete compaction result for entire basement issued by Universal Soil Testing Lab, page 1/13 to 13/13.
  2. The level confirmation report at formation level issued by Superior Geotechnical EST, page 1/1.
  3. Soil investigation report issued by Superior Geotechnical EST, page 1/44 to 44/44.
  4. Lift contract documents as required and file submitted, page 1/16 to 16/16.
  5. Drainage & Irrigation NOC along with dewatering NOC as required, page 1/18 to 18/18.
  6. DM Charges for FIC/Drainage Connection, Ref: NEB-S-06-622/0849, NOC No. NOC-08112007-0051, page 1/2 to 2/2.
  7. Shoring drawing, page 1/22 to 22/22.
  8. DEWA- load schedule and Electrical drawing (submitted to DEWA), page 1/62 to 62/62.
  9. Building Permit no. 135591-21-1 for architectural drawing, page 1/26 to 26/26.
  10. Columns and Foundation Strengthening/Jacketing document, page 1/74 to 74/74.


For xxxx Contracting L.L.C.


Project Manager

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