Dry wall partition  work –delay and variation

Dry wall partition  work –delay and variation

Date:               xxx

Ref:                  xxx

Kind Attn         :Mr. xxx

Project             :2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. xxx at Al Barsha

1st, Dubai U.A.E.

Subject        : Response to your letter ref :AP/269/CC/270, DT.11.03.17, regarding dry wall partition  work –delay and variation

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above, please note that our entire communication mentioned in letter ref no: CC/AP/269/306/17 DT.01.03.17 & CC/AP/321/17 DT.08.03.17,are self explanatory and find our reply in line of your point no.1, 2 & 03 of  letter ref:AP/269/CC/270 DT.11.03.17 :

  1. As per your point no.1 for STC value– our initial approval was according to your requirement of the contract document as well as our price for dry wall partitions is based on following details given in contract drawings and specifications.

         a) To fix MEP services, mainly conduits or pipes in the walls.

  b) To fix insulation material for acoustic requirement and fire rating.

c) Builder’s work which is normally to provide frame work around openings for AC ducts or    pipes, switches & sockets, doors etc.

 d) Wall thickness as per the drawings.

  • Please note that as per ID drawings issued to us, we are instructed to carry out following additional work with multiple discussion of ID and Acoustic consultant and the final concept approved for mock up at second floor which is executed by incorporating input from everyone as instructions.

This discussion continued for many months .After that final drawing was cleared with joint meeting held in client’s office with consultant and ID and note the following:

  1. Provide supporting system for media hubs, TVs, vanity counters, inverters for showers, wall mounted W.C.S & Cisterns etc.
  2. Provide supporting system for twin door shutters on the door frame.

So, as per your point no.2 , there is no instruction given .Kindly note the second floor drawing along with mock up room which is approved jointly by ID and consultant and input of the Acoustic consultant which has been executed at second floor was signed and approved by all stakeholders as well as additional suggestions included during mock up room work.

  • Regarding your point no.03– Mock up room delay ,note the following:
  1. Mock up room started after approval of the shop drawing which was delayed for interior requirement, media hub as well as other inputs which were not occupied in approved tender drawing and wall thickness.
  2. As on date, media hub , GRMS other low voltage including telephone drawings or structural cabeling and motion sensor/ lighting control subcontractor and their shop drawing are not available and we did 2nd floor partition as per the verbal instruction s only.
  • As to fix conduits or plumbing pipes, necessary insulation material etc with supporting systems for above units in the specified wall thickness is not possible, we have to increase wall thickness of many walls. This is done in the mock-up room with due consideration and approval by ID and consultant.
  • There is no delay happen from contractor side for the submission because initially contarctor worked out with the calcium silicate partition and finalize acoustic system  and finally contractor submitted the new system by eliminating calcium slilicate and after that issue was explained for all delay in our previous communication.

Therefore we would like to intimate to you that we will claim variation and extension of time for following:

  1. Extra builder’s work for providing supporting system for ID work and GRMS/ media hub etc.
  2. Additional wall thickness required as per ID requirements as per above list.
  3. Time required to execute additional frame work.
  4. Delay in the finalizing the partition drawing for second floor as per document submitted through our vide letter ref no:CC/AP/306/17 DT.01.03.17

Furthermore, we highlighted the issue in our letter CC/AP/328/17 DT.14.03.17 to advise the final decision about all issues.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C.


Project Manager

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