Response to Full time presence of Construction Manager/Site Manager

Our Ref: xxx Date: xxx To                    :           xxx Construct Company Ltd.                                     P. O. Box xxx             Abu Dhabi – UAE. Attention          :           Eng. xxx                         :           Project Director Subject            :           Response to Full time presence of Construction Manager/Site Manager Dear Mr. Yasser, We noted your Letter Ref: xxx, dated xxx and would to […]

What does it mean by Thickness of a mirror? Explain in details with examples.

Thickness in the context of a mirror refers to the distance between its front surface (the reflective surface) and the back surface. The thickness of a mirror can vary depending on factors such as the intended application, the material used, and the desired optical properties. The thickness of a mirror plays a role in its structural integrity, weight, and optical […]

What is Frosted Glass? Different types of Frosted Glass? Explain in details different types of Frosted glass with example, purpose and location of use.

Frosted glass, also known as etched glass or sandblasted glass, is a type of glass that has been treated to create a translucent or opaque appearance. It is achieved by altering the surface of the glass to scatter and diffuse light, giving it a frosted or matte finish. Frosted glass offers privacy, diffuses glare, and adds a decorative element to […]